Non-Medical Management of Fibroids

There are various theories about how to prevent or manage uterine fibroids without medical treatments, but most women who have uterine fibroids that cause symptoms will require some form of medical treatment to treat their uterine fibroids and relieve symptoms.  Many women have found tried various options that do sometimes help.  Some options are supported by research and not everything will work the same for every woman.  Each woman must work with her own healthcare providers and find what works for her.  Natural and home remedies for treating uterine fibroids follow.

Dealing with Uterine Fibroid Management and Surgery

Uterine fibroid management can be very dramatic and unpredictable for women and for those around them. Many options are available for dealing with fibroids, but the bottom line is that the most common treatment for symptomatic uterine fibroids is surgery.

Many women are nervous and terrified about surgery to the point that postponing surgery even to the point of nearly dying seems better than surgery. There is a strong need for a patient to have control in many cases, a need so strong that even giving in to surgical recommendations, can be overwhelming for a patient.


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