Warnings about Anemia

Women with uterine fibroids should be aware of the very serious implications of anemia and need to watch out for signs of this potential killer.  Anemia for women with fibroids begins with heavy cycles.  The earliest sign of anemia is often fatigue.  Feeling cold and nauseated are signs that anemia is progressing to a level that requires some form of treatment or at least regular monitoring.

Women with heavy bleeding must get regular blood checks. If you begin to have difficulty maintaining a constant body temperature, you feel nauseated, you get light-headed or dizzy, you're pale, your inner eyelid is yellow, your palms are yellow, or your gums are light pink, then you MUST get a blood check
now.  Anemia can kill.

Long term anemia can cause other health problems. Failing to control anemia can seriously reduce fibroid treatment options. Do not take the risks of anemia lightly.  Women with fibroids who have regular, moderate to light cycles should get their blood checked every year.  Women with moderate to heavy cycles should be checked every few months and when any symptoms of anemia appear.

This is serious stuff. No supplement or positive thoughts will save your life if anemia sets in. Anemia is
a serious fact to consider with heavy bleeding. Get a blood test that checks for hemoglobin and ferritin levels when anemia is suspected or when any signs of anemia are present.