Shrinking Fibroids with Supplements

Fibroids can shrink for any number of reasons.  Herbal and other supplements, like enzymes, are touted as shrinking fibroids because one woman's fibroids shrank while she took the supplement.  Some women have shrunk their fibroids with prayer.  Many women find relief from using various supplements.  One study showed that about 20% of the women incidentally in the study had fibroid shrinkage with no apparent cause for the shrinkage.

No supplement option will work all of the time, in the same way, for every woman.  Many women who use supplements report that when the supplements work, they stop working after two or three months.

Using supplements can become expensive, but expense is relative and subjective.  There is no guarantee that any supplements will have a positive effect.  Some supplements are not readily available in some areas.  Using supplements is sometimes more work for some women than for other women. 

Every woman who is interested in managing her fibroids must find what works for her and understand that not every remedy, medical or non-medical, will work the same way for every woman.  Experimenting with alternative treatments is helpful for some women, but it is not always beneficial.

Some herbal infusions ("teas") that traditionally have positive effects on regulating menstrual cycles and reducing tumors are those that contain Chamomile, Yarrow (Achillea), Lady's Mantle, and possibly Red Raspberry.  Helpful nutritional supplements are Vitamin D and Magnesium.

NIH describes some helpful herbs.

Berries in general help reduce cancer tumors.

Red Raspberry leaf is not without controversy.

Cinnamon has some positive effects.

Chrysin (usually from honey in many studies) helps reduce cancer tumors.

DIM and I3C can regulate estrogen and reduce tumors.

DIM was recently shown to be anti-estrogenic.

Vitamin D reduces fibroids.

Lycopene reduces smooth muscle tumors (similar to fibroids) in quails.

Magnesium has long been studied for its role in hormonal regulation.